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Welcome to Phase I of The Lotus Project

Created in love and brought here from the outer reaches of the universe, to Heal the Children and Heal the World.

“…When You Heal A Child, You Heal

the World.”

- P. Morris

Center for the Sovereign Child

The Lotus Center is a safe space for misunderstood, homeless, battered, and neglected children.  It is a sheltered place where children can heal from trauma and return to wholeness; where their sense of wonder, beauty, personal power, trust and natural excitement for life can be fully and freely realized.

The vision of Mozhgan Naghipour for The Lotus Project is to heal all children.  They are our future, and their personal freedom can truly ignite a deep sovereign path and healing for the rest of humanity.

The Lotus Center

The first and most important pillar of the center is to create and provide a safe place where the children can begin their healing process without judgment.  Each child is unique and will advance through their individual healing journey once they feel safe, are unconditionally acknowledged and supported through developing their own powerful voice.

The sharing and interaction between the children will help clear their trauma through hearing the other children’s stories. The essential goal is to bring forth the greatest healed version of each child through supporting and building trust with each other; therefore, experiencing greater understanding, love, patience, and compassion.

The children will gain a solid foundation to move from suppression to self-expression and share their unique gifts that they have brought here from their Galactic Origins.  This is where the incredible facilities of the lotus center will take their leading role in supporting the blossoming of these amazing children.

Living Space

The center will be located in a natural habitat and populated with animals so that the children can feel the freedom of being in an open and healing environment.   The design of the building, like a lotus flower, will have a main circular area where the rest of the facility will branch out from.  The common area will have a recreation room, a large kitchen, yoga room, gym, and an arts and crafts room.  The kitchen will be indoor/outdoor, and there will be a garden area where the children can grow vegetables and connect with various animals. Through this process they will gain a sense of creating, producing and sharing with each other, as well as expand their self-worth and gain interpersonal skills.

There will be guest cottages outside of the main lotus center, where special visitors will be invited to stay, share, and assist with anything that could benefit the children’s healing.


Phase I of The Lotus Project is a center and environment where freedom and unconditional love allow the children to lead the way to their own healing.

We at The Lotus Project are honored and grateful to provide the support and love to these special children. We look forward to you joining us on this journey of returning every child back to wholeness. 

“Helping hands are better than Praying Lips.” ~Mother Teresa

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