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Welcome to Phase III of The Lotus Project

Created in love and brought here from the outer reaches of the universe…

Center for Intergalactic Exchange

The Living Library is an interactive information center

Part 1

Phase III will take us to the heart of The Lotus Project.  The Living Library is interactive and will house an unlimited database of information that consists of every technology, and contains unique information about human and non-human interdenominational beings that currently coexist on planet earth. It will be a place where everyone will be able to come and learn about our galactic brothers and sisters, who, like us, brought their culture and brilliant gifts from their origin many years ago.

This planet is a melting pot for many travelers who have chosen to make this blue marble that we call earth their home.  Through the interactive technology that already exists and the new technology brought in from the children in Phase II, you will be able to fully experience over 100 different interdenominational species and the planets that they have come from.

Thanks to the building blocks of Phase I and Phase II, the consciousness of humanity will be at a level to embrace the beauty of other galactic origins, as well as embrace their own. Earth and the civilization of the human being that have existed here will be invited back into the galactic community that exists throughout all the galaxies.

During this phase, we will fully remember and feel the harmony with other multidimensional beings who have always been a part of our world and are no longer hidden. The Living Library is an open, shared exchange of communication with and amongst all galactic societies.

Part 2

We will expand the mission of phase III to its goal of sharing information with those civilizations outside of our Milky Way galaxy. Once again, we will use the latest technology that was brought in through the children in phase II to travel outside our galaxy. We will connect with many different beings to exchange technology for the benefit of all, and this will be an adventure into the unknown; like it was said on the television show, Star Trek, “To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!”

As we meet beings with different biological bodies than our own, we will welcome them and invite them for a cultural and informative exchange between humans and non-humans; and thus, a sharing can emerge to benefit us both, as well as sentient beings everywhere. The internet has made the world a smaller place; so, too, will this information highway between galaxies do the same.

We hope you will join us on this incredible journey as we open our palms and unveil the thousand petals of the white lotus flower as a greeting of light, love, rebirth, harmony, and freedom and from this day forward, the white lotus flower will be a recognizable greeting throughout all the galaxies and beyond.

“Helping hands are better than Praying Lips.” ~Mother Teresa

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